Wish List

We want to provide the students with tools that will help them quickly prototype and build the components necessary for a successful robot.  Using these tools will develop their skills for modern manufacturing techniques.  Our wishlist reflects this desire and is ordered by how useful these tools will be for us.

Water Jet Cutter

A lot of parts we design tend to be plates, brackets, gussets, and other items that can be made from sheet and plate aluminum.  A water jet cutter could take us from design to part quickly.

Wet Saw

Primarily useful for cutting tube, angle and channel which we use a lot of.  This will be much safer to use and provide a much better quality cut.

Welding Equipment

We have assembled our robot using fasteners and rivets, but we’ve found that welding makes the robot much stronger and more durable in competition.  This is also a skill that we want to develop in the team members.

3D Printer

Useful for certain robot parts and for outreach.

CNC Plasma Cutter

Provides the same utility as a water jet cutter, but requires more post-process work.

CNC Router

Provides the same utility as a water jet cutter and a plasma cutter, plus could be used to make some basic 3d shapes.

Gift Certificates/Gift Cards

A gift certificate or gift card for one of the vendors we use would help us get the tools or components we need.





If you would like to help us obtain a specific piece of equipment, please fill out and submit our Sponsorship Form.  Please note in the “Earmarked for Equip/Purpose” field the item you wish to specify.