Why join our team?

Because it’s FUN! Along the way, you can learn technical skills from mechanical and electrical work and computer programming, but you’ll also learn teamwork, leadership, respect and integrity.

We design and build a really cool robot, and compete against other robots in a game that’s different each year! But it’s more than just building a robot – our team operates like a small business and feels like a family. We have different sub-teams that handle everything from marketing and fundraising to website design or electrical work. Even if you have no idea how to hold a wrench, there’s something for you here, and we’ll teach you how!

Here are a few of the rewards that team members are eligible for.

Scholarships There are MANY scholarships available for FIRST team members. In the 2018 season, nearly 2,000 scholarships are available with a value of approximately $50,000,000.

Internships Team members experiences open doors for internships with local high-tech companies

Experience Many companies throughout the country are participating in FIRST and want to hire FIRST students. Being on a FIRST team will expose students to these corporations and helps teach skills that companies desire.