About us

The Kennedy RoboEagles – FIRST Team 3081 – is a group of Kennedy High School students interested in engineering, math, science, programming, business, marketing, and communications. Working alongside adult mentors, the team builds a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The team is funded through team fundraising activities, activity fees, and corporate sponsorships.

The team is a year-round program. Starting in the fall, team members secure funds to pay for a robot starter kit, competition fees, robot parts, and possibly some travel expenses. They also familiarize themselves with FIRST, the FIRST Robotics Competition, and the tools and software they may be using.

The robot build season starts the first week of January, and runs for six weeks. At the Build Season Kickoff, the year’s game is announced. Team members immediately go to work, meeting six days a week to design, build, and program their robot for competitive game play.

The team then attends one or more regional competitions. These competitions bring together between 30 and 66 teams, where teams compete in matches. Regional competitions are typically held in sporting facilities, with an arena set up for robot competitions and spectators, and a pit area, where each team has a 10’x10’ station to maintain their robot between events.