Volunteer roles

We are always in need of adults who would like to mentor students in an area where they have a particular talent.  Your time commitment varies over the season and the year based on team members involved and the team focus.  Attend our next meeting for more information.  Follow this link to volunteer.


Teach students on the team how to CAD and assist students during design phase of build season to resolve CAD issues.  The team currently uses  Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360 for CAD design.

Control Systems

Help the students design and build the electronic systems used for controlling the robot in competition.


Help students manage team funds and assist with fundraising.

Food Volunteer

Prepare a meal for the team at one of our full day build sessions.

Graphic Design

Create banners, logos, team handouts, and t-shirts for competitions.


Accompany students to meetings with other regional teams to collaborate and share ideas.


Assist with team marketing and creating a team business plan.

Mechanical Build

Help the students design and build the mechanical systems in the robot for competition.


Work with the students to program the robot for competition.

Parent Build Session Volunteer

Parent build session volunteers are present during each build session to help with non-build items — keeping students on task, helping with admin items, or other tasks as requested.

Public Speaking

Teach the students how to speak in front of potential Sponsors and Judges.

Travel Logistics

Organize the team travel to regional and championship events.


Teach students how to build and manage a website.


Assist the marketing and award sub-teams with team award submissions.