Get Involved

Anyone can be involved in our team

Students The team is looking for students interested in electrical and mechanical design, programming, building, problem solving, video and photography, animation, social media, marketing, business, finance, strategy, video games, sports, etc.  Essentially, if you have creative interests, there is a role for you on the team.  And it will be the “Hardest Fun You’ll Ever Have”

Parents If you have a student on the team, we could use your help as a mentor, adult volunteer to help with administrative tasks, or provide food for one of our day long sessions.  Any talents you have will be put to good use.

Community Members If you have an interest in assisting students to learn the skills that will give them a head start in engineering, manufacturing, media arts, or business, then we could use your help.  We have many mentors who do not have a student on the team, but believe in the values that the team provides students.